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Thursday, March 15, 2007 @ 11:00 PM
A mix of happiness..

Random happenings I vaguely remember today:-

Jing and Geoffrey singing (and dancing) out Britney Spears' "Oops, I Did It Again" and "Baby, One More Time".

Jing posing beside a bald mannequin, which he dubbed "Britney Spears".

Jason being woozy coz he drank 3 cups of coffee. :P

Geoff: "We drank so much coffee, we'll piss coffee. Nono we'll piss pepejal. We'll piss coffee cubes." LOL

Lish going around Subang Parade's IT World from shop-to-shop, asking if they were selling laptop protectors.

Camwhoring everywhere. Haha.

*Points to a Japanese lucky cat sold in Memory Lane*
"Dara! Look! It's you!!!!"
"Omigod! It's ME!! "

Jing and Geoffrey being all high in his car, snapping and moving to the music. (Sampatness).

We were standing around some hairband shop, when the smell of waffles wafted over and permeated our nostrils.
Geoff : I smell our programme director.
Winnie : LOL
Jing: o.O ?


Pictures from Monday's trip to MidValley with The Guavalians :-

We got down from YeeLin's car, then we met up with the others at McDonalds.
I instantly ordered a strawberry milkshake to calm myself down from all the tears i'd shed at school.
Talk about de-stressing.

After a while, we headed to Kenny Rogers Roasters for lunch!!!!
Ordered spaghetti, and there was a muffin which came with every set.
The muffin wasn't spared from the wrath of my Sony T-10.

I like the way I took this pic, but I wish it wasn't sengeted. :(

That's Kai in the background by the way.
She went off early after we finished with LittleTaiwan, so I don't have any more pix with her in it!

This was really really deelish!!!
Mouth watering.
I ordered a SpagBol, but me and Adam ate it before I could snap a photo of it!!
No appetite, but still eat. -_-

Ahaha. YeeLin looks sleepy.

Yes, I really do.

The Guavalians.
Joan placed this on a flat, low platform, and then ran to us quick quick.
:D My Sony rocks.

Sheesh, I want a DSLR.
And maybe a tripod.
So that we can all take nice nice group shots.

If you think we look stupid,
You lala people look even stupider.
So stop being lala!!!!!

I have this thing against Harajuku-ish fashions. (a.k.a lala)
Hate 'em.
Don't know why most people from the Chinese teen community of Malaysia like to dress that way when it's SO not stylish.
*Rolls eyes*
It works for Gwen Stefani, but it doesn't work for you.


Joan looks so model-ish lah. :D
Terence just looks emo.

In the next post,
Part 2 - Transformation!!!
Stay tuned :D

Owh yeah.

WeiHong, you guessed correct :D
I DID wear a skirt today.
Haha, lots of people said I looked different.
Maybe I should wear skirts more often!!!

People, TCPJ Open Day is tomorrow and Saturday!
Will be working @ my campus from 9.30 - 5, so drop by for a visit if you can!!!

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