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Saturday, March 10, 2007 @ 7:51 PM
Of Tee-shirts and walks with Candy..

Hong Kong post coming up lah.

Selling tee-shirts, RM25 each, details here, here, or here.
It's for a good cause yo!
Some of the proceeds go to SPCA and various charitable institutions;
And admit it, wei, those shirts look hot.

I myself own two.
And I wear them on a weekly basis.

I just had a walk with Candy today with my brother.
Walking Candy is so fun.
She tugs on the leash, straining to go forward.
And if you aren't careful, you'll be dragged by her instead of dragging her.

Anyway, when we were at a busy junction, there was this house on the left side, and the gate was open just a crack.
And there, peeking timidly out from the gate, was a creamy Golden Retriever, somewhat skinnier and of a more small build than Candy.
She was overweight though - her stomach was huge.

When there were no cars, Wilson started to drag Candy across the road, and Candy took no more notice of our new furry friend.
But the golden retriever started to follow us across the road to smell .... Candy.
It stopped halfway across the road, too scared to follow us all the way, but yet, still curious.
And there was this red Corolla coming straight in her way.
Panicking, I rushed forward, and I grabbed the dog's collar, and dragged her to our side of the road.

Thank GOD.
The owner came out 5 minutes later, in search of his missing dog, and he muttered a muffled "Sorry ahhhh" before dragging his dog back across the busy street.
Dude, if you don't want your dog getting rolled down by an oncoming car, or even a truck, please keep your gate closed.

Same goes to all of you!
Do not leave your house gate open.
You may never know what will happen to your loved pets!

Having a heartfelt talk with Huai and Kai - whom I both miss.
Happy now.

Have a good day, everyone!

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