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Thursday, March 08, 2007 @ 10:10 PM
The Funny Thing Is....

The Funny Thing Is...

Me, Geoff, Kien, Deborah, Jessica and Yan Sin were sitting in one of the rooms in the library yesterday, having a little chat after they'd finished with their project.

Then, the conversation veered back towards SriKL, about Kien's Doraemon (I think you'll know which teacher this is, Guavalians. Ahaha) BM teacher, then suddenly, I went:-

Me: Eh, your year is last year rite?
Kien: No lah, my year was with Belgian (or Belgium) they all lar.
Me: Eh, sounds so familiar lah the name... But nooo, but I remember your year is last year wor!!!
Kien: Nooo lahhh!
Me: Nooo lahh!!
Kien: ...
Me: Oh wait. (_ _l|)
Kien: Huh?
Me: My year was last year.
Both : LOL!

Damn farney.
Guess i'm still stuck in 2006....

Taken with my rusty Nokia 3250.
I like taking pig-faced pictures :]
LAILAI, looking for more people to take pig-faced pix with!

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