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Thursday, March 01, 2007 @ 10:58 PM

More Taggies I Stole From A Rachel At Friendster!!!
I think It's Rachel Au. :P No idea which.

1. Last place you've been to?
* Taylors' Campus PJ

2. You are:
* Winnie.

3. They say you are:
* haha. the blurrest person on earth .

* i walked to srikl and bitched all the way to adam bout my life. hah. i need someone proper to bitch to, honey.

5. Last person who texted you?
* errrrr.. i can't find my phone -_-... o wait, it's Joan!

6. Last person you called?
* Joan

7. Last name in your received calls?
* Hua Yein

8. How old are you?
* 16 currently

9. What music is playing?
* peterpan - mungkin nanti

10. Last drink you had?
* coffee ais (homemade!!!)

11. Last thing you bought for yourself:
* uh... can't possibly remember.

12. You want to:
* talk to someone. :P

13. You would really like to:
* eat a chocolate covered marshmallow!!!

14. You have a crush on:
* cristianoRonaldo wuahaha.

15. You really hate:
* insects, huge annoying animals

16. Who is the last person you talked
to online?
* vic

1.Got wasted?
* nope

2. Ran away?
* nearly wanted to

3. Had ur heart broken?
* yes.

4. Cried when someone died?
* yes. my dog, jackie. curse the fella who poisoned him!

6. Broken a bone?
* no

7. Cried at school?
* yeaps.

- WHO'S -
1. Your good luck charm?
* the next person to post on my tagboard is my good luck charm ! :P SO GO POST QUICK!

2. Person u hate most?
* ugh . someone who pissed me off dozens of times.

3. Makes u laugh d most?
* robin. hell lots. god. he can make a cow die of laughter.

4. Makes u smile?
* friends :D

5. Who has a crush on u?
* yea like i know.

- SO -
1. Do you get jealous easily?
* depends ..

2. What have u been doing
these past few days?
* eating and sleeping and snoring in class.

3. What are you thinking about now?
* it's so boring at home.

4. What did you do last night?
* listen to geoffrey and weihong discuss about -_- dicks, while I had this > =_=| on my face the whole time. LOL.

5. What did you last say to a friend
last night?
* Bye bye!!!

6. When will you get married?
* Maybe

7. When did u last receive a gift?
* Uh. Last year.

8. alcoholic beverages?

9. Is it all fair in life?
* for me? no.

11. Most romantic words?
* haha. the famous three words.

12. Would you give up your career for
* it depends on the guy :)


How are you today?
Fine :P

How much cash do you have on you
0 cents

Why are u filling this bulletin board?
cuz i'm seriously bored and there's nothing to do but blog.

Why do people spread untrue rumors?
because they think they can be popular? i don't know.

Why do you think people want to know
whom you have a crush on?
busybodys :P

Where do you really wanna go to now??

Do you have a crush?
it's for me to know and you to find out!

What did you do today?
Hang out with WeiHong & the gang at his house, listening to Robin scream his lungs out because he lost to Geoffrey in football (PS2 football). HAHA.

What were you doing before filling the
talking to Vic

What are you doing right now?
talking to Vic, doing this shit, listening to savage garden (WHY THE HELL SAVAGE GARDEN? *changes songs*) and thinking.

What was the best thing that happened
hmmmmmmmmmm. talking to joan, who i really freaking miss la. gawd

What shirt are you wearing?
oversized red shirt i usually use for bed

What's a saying that you say a lot?

What is the craziest thing that u did
shout out loud outside weihong's apartment, n my voice carried across the whole block.

What were you doing at midnight last
HAHA. talking to geoff n weihong.

Who do you want to meet right now?
neeeewwwww frensssss

What's on your mind right now?
haha. up to me to know and u to find out.

What are you most scared of right
oho. joan i guess u noe wuzzat. wahaha.


Last tv show watched?
errrrrrrrrrrr america's next top model

Last furry thing you touched?
my jacket

Last person who you went to the
movies with?
drew, adam, terence, wenliang, joan & huaii =)

Last person(s) you saw?

Last time u were cooking?
haha. i dont cook.

[Yesterday did you...]

Buy something to eat:
er burger king


Realized anything new:
haha. yeah.

Talk to an ex:
never had one.

Miss someone:
yess all of u !!! :P


1.When is the last time you held
hands with someone?
haha the time when me joan and ter held hands and skipped across sunway pyramid.

2.You wake up as the opposite gender,
what's the one thing you'd do?
try to see my reaction if i start kao-ing other guys. HAHA.

3.Have you ever crawled through a

4.Where is your mum?
back from the hosp and screaming at mason to drink his milo.

5.Morning or night person?
both, actually.

6.What was the last movie you watched?
the blood diamond

7.Any cool scars?
yea my vampire scar at the bottom of my left leg

8.Things about the opposite sex you
eyes. :P

9.What do you do when no one is
haha. check if my hair is in place :P .. everyone is vain la

10.Ever been in love?

11.What's something your friends make
fun of you for?
Winnie The Pooh. *ahem*Nash*ahem*

12.What is your curfew?
oh god. wayyy earlier than 10.

13.Would you ever dye your hair red?
yes i wanna mom don let. :(

14.You + alcohol=

15.What's your worst personality flaw?
my temper flares up

16.What career would you wish to be?

17.Which country would you like to
any country !

18.Do you want a well paying job or a
job you enjoy?
both both.

19.Do you believe in needing a

20.When were you last on the phone?
er. after i came home from school today. *looks at joan n huai. HAHA.*

21.What were the shoes you wore today?
converse sneakers.

22.Do you like maths?
no way

23.What about history?

24.Have you ever seen 5 squirrels at
one time?

25.Can you touch your nose with your
no. terence can.

26.Do you have a brother?

27.Did your great grandad fight in
the civil war?

28.who’s your favorite person to talk
to online?
ahaha. currently andrew cuz he always cracks me up. :P and he always relives the old memories which make me miss the guavalians more and moreeeeee!!!!

recent : FIRE FIRE FIRE (drew u should know what im talking about HAHAHA)

29.Have you ever used photobucket?

30.Do you like hugs?
of course!!!

31.Do you want to be a doctor?

32.Have you ever fallen asleep with
gum in your mouth?

33.What do you do right before you go
to bed?
pray for the safety of me and my family and pray that no ghost haunts me while i'm sleeping . o god i am SO paranoid.

34.Right when you get out of bed?

35.Would you date a guy/girl with hair
longer than yours?
ahaha. that i have to consider.

36.Do you want to be famous?
no. i prefer to hide in the shadows.

37.Do you spend a lot of time
contemplating life's answer?

38.Do you do your own laundry?