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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 @ 9:31 PM


A lot of stuff happened in English.
The fire spreaded fast.
We didn't expect it to.

We had this little excercise in groups called advantages and disadvantages :P
Our group (me, Dara, Alyssa, Don, Pat) was the only group who used the excercise to poke fun at everything...

And we even included the big event into our advantages & disadvantages of college...

Advantage : Everyone's one big happy family.
Disadvantage: Except one.


During MalaysianStudies...

Both pics taken using my Nokia 3250, which is turning rusty from lack of use.
Quite clear, and the pictures aren't so grainy. *Happy*

After college, hung around with the gang and after that we had nothing better to do so me & Jason went to the library to use the computers.
The connex there sucks.
Worse than Genting's RM10 per hour internet cafe.

Ended up following Su & Flo & ZJ (well, basically, we were following Su&Flo) all over campus then headed to TCSJ to meet Huai.
Once I reached there, she told me that she was studying cuz she had a test.
Soooo after eating 2nd lunch (yea yea I forgot that I ate lunch. Burger King does that to you sometimes. Am so going to go on a diet tomorrow) with Su & Flo at BurgerKing, I headed over to the front gate of Taylors' where I met Adam, and he teman-ed me all the way to SriKL, where we hunted for Pn.Sanizah, but she had a class.
Or was busy, or something.
The guys from 5Gamma are gentlemen. Yups. :]

Even Terence is one.
Tell me this on the same day two years ago and i'll be laughing at you.
But strangely, it's true.


Before all the controversy started, we took the time to camwhore.
Yes, that's what we do.

Strangely, I don't look like me at all.
I think it's the shoulder.

The two pictures above taken by Kien (lousy photographer. Bwahaha)
Tsk tsk tsk.
I love Geoff's expression!!!

Someone shut off the lights but that didn't stop us!!
The auto flash function on my camera worked perfectly.
Poor Geoff was too tall.
Only half of him got in the picture. :(
I love the above picture :Pp

Tired, emo & abit the pissed off by someone.
Will post about my two favorite kids from down under soon.
They're going back Sunday :(

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