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Monday, February 26, 2007 @ 9:16 PM

I purposely set my alarm this morning to 7.30 to wake up to finish my assignment last minute.
Little did I know, as soon as I got up, I learnt that mom slipped and hit her head hard on the corner of the step when she wanted to go outside to drive my brother to school.

After Dad's car had reversed out of the driveway, I sat there, numb, on the sofa, and the floodgates opened.
A million things I did to hurt you flashed before my eyes, and I never regretted it more than I did now.
With Dad's heart condition, and IF you weren't coming back, what would happen of me in the coming years?

I can't say we won't fall out in the coming times, we certainly will.
But we have to learn to accept each other, and you have to learn not to tie me down, ma.
I'm a big girl now, i'm not the little naive, careless girl you think I am any more.
I know how to look after myself, okay.

Just loosen up a little.
I don't want to be locked up like a bird in a cage.
Set me free.

And thank you guys for caring.
*Hugs* I love you people for being there for me.

I wore a mask all day in college.
Only a few could see my inner thoughts and feelings.
I forced myself to smile even though I was frustrated inside.

And thank you for that.

Peace out.
Good luck all FICM people in your exams tomorrow!
Pocky coming your way.