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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 @ 10:21 PM

Quote from Linkin Park's Figure 09, "Giving up a part of me, i've let myself become you..."

I was damn scary last night.
And I was damn serious for a moment.
I felt like getting some raffia string from the storeroom and just end it all.
Pressure and stress and hurt was really taking its toll on me.
And I vow never ever to turn that way again.
Even if anything in my life fails, or if I was hurt by any one, I know that worse comes to worst, there is always someone there for me!

I'm alright now. :D
Even happier, as I realized before everything happened last night, I bought myself two tees from Zara and a Meg Cabot book i've wanted for a long time. *Big satisfied grin*
Retail therapy really really works.

And, this is what i've been repeating over and over again.
I want to achieve my dreams.
Not yours.

A last picture before I go blog-hopping!
It's a sneekpeek for tomorrow's post! :D

We were chilling at Little Taiwan in MidValley having bubble tea.
Top: Me, Yeelin
Bottom : KaPeng, Huai, KaiSin & Adam

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