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Sunday, March 18, 2007 @ 9:47 PM
My legs are dead..

Random convo today:

Jason: Nehhhhh, seee .. in the middle there.. damn nice rite!
Me: Hah? Dat wallet for girls wan lah...
Jason: Noooo dat onee!! (points)
Me: Huh? Where got?!?!
Jason: Nehhhh!! (stabs the glass cabinet door with a finger)
Me: ?!!??!?! (Bends down to look inside the wallet cabinet, and at the back there was a mirror)
Jason: Neh, see that guy arrrr!! (Points to his reflection)
Me: LOL *smacks forehead*

Shopping with WeiHong, his new housemate Darren and Jason today at SunwayPyramid was fun.
Looking at all the bling bling in EchoPark nearly blinded me.

Bought Meg Cabot's Mediator Book One, a Converse-sneaker-replica of a keychain, a grande green tea frappucino from Starbucks, and a black eyeliner pencil from the Body Shop.
Did I ever mention that Meg Cabot freaking rocks?

Me wan take a rest now before my legs turn blue.
Peace out.

p/s: Didn't mean a thing ok bout the post yesterday.
p/p/s: Was just feeling bitchy yesterday. Am back to my normal self.

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