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Monday, March 26, 2007 @ 5:38 PM
Pictures and Mr.Euro's Birthday..

First things first.


Seventeen years old and counting :D

Wooh. :D
Next comes Joan, then comes Florence(Song) then comes me den comes Huai.
Of all the still-sixteen-years-old people that I know lah. :DD
(If I missed anyone out, sorry yah. Haha. My brain rusty, or I just don't know that you're even sixteen.)

Hope you get lots and lots of presents and get wasted! hope you have lots of fun there in the land down under!!!!
:D When you come back for the hols' we all gonna go out and CELEBRATE!

Second things second...

Random pic-chas from my phone!

Took this on the way to school ... I mean college the other day :D
The sun was this big reddish-orange ball in the sky, and it was really really beautiful, in spite of the fact that it was killing my eyes.
So I lifted up my phone and just snapped a lovely photo.

In spite of what people say .. that sunsets are romantic and all, I think that sunrises are equally as nice!!

Woohoo, Heroes ad near 1 Utama.
I love Heroes!!!
When i'm finished with Miss.Cath's work i'm so going to sit and watch Milo Ventimiglia on Episode Four.

Someone: Eh, this picture makes you look like a big fat nerd!!!!

I can assure you that Someone = EVIL.

I am so not a nerrrd.


Woo Nash looks suave :D

Jason and me with my Xanga emoticon face.

The ever so curious me.
I hate my ahma specs kay. :(

My imagination ran wild - like it tends to when i'm using Photoshop :P

Geoff's poses are all so creative!
(Scroll down to find the 2nd Taylors' Open Day post - damn chunted. Kaka.)


Miss.Cath sprang last-minute homework on all of us - write a 450-500 opinion essay on anything we like with three (I think) topic sentences and what nots to be handed in TOMORROW.
Crazy sial.

First question : What the hell is a topic sentence?!?!

Second question: What should I write on?

My opinions on Manchester United versus Chelsea?
Cristiano Ronaldo or WayneRooney? (WAHAHA I AM SO GOING TO LOVE THIS)

Burger King or McDonalds? (I guess I finally settled on this after scratching my first essay on Cristiano Ronaldo because it looked more like an essay based on religion.)
PizzaHut or Dominos Pizza?
Japan or Korea?


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