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Wednesday, April 04, 2007 @ 7:17 PM
I am all these..

I am.

Depressed. Disappointed. Tired. Pissed off. Humiliated. Sad. Anxious. Destroyed. Desperate. Forlorn. Moody. Resentful. Apprehensive. Wary. Down. Drained. Crestfallen. Sorry. Downcast. Morose. Hurting. Dispirited. Ripped. Woebegone. Lugubrious. Disconsolate. Unhappy.

Clawing at God's feet.
Please give me one chance!!!

I dont think I shall ever be the same any more.

p/s: the Amazing Hunt was good! Lish and Dara worked their butts off for this, a big big big big big hug and a round of applause for both of em!
p/p/s: i am so sorry, Lish - for your pillowcase, and Jason - for your books! The poor little sack is soaked, still sitting on top of the roof >p/p/p/s: yeslah potato i know i owe you something NOW CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?
p/p/p/p/s: i need an ice cream outing to cheer me up. WHO'S WITH ME?!?

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