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Sunday, April 08, 2007 @ 1:34 PM

A year ago, I posted about the Penang trip we Guavalians went on. *click click*

Dad dropped me off late;
The others were there already.

Andrew let me in at the gate ("Just push the gate lah :P") and then this little fella came up to me instantly...
So I grabbed my camera and started shooting.

Most of these little dogs have been abandoned by their previous owners for various reasons and excuses.
No doubt because some of the owners exchanged their mix-breed dogs for a pedigree breed.

Joan was petting this guy - he was very lazy - he just lay down, watching the menagerie of fellow barking four-footed furry friends around him.
There was also a very cunning Shih-Tzu who would try to escape whenever she could, but only to be put back in the pen again with a scolding.

Me and Terence stepped into the puppy playpen to play with two pups - this mix breed and a Daschund.

This guy was damn energetic, and his tongue licked every single surface that he could get his paws on.

This guy just sat under the shade and watched his partner assault the both of us till Terence went over and gave him a pat.

This is KaiSin helping to wipe down one of the luckier dogs who got a proper bath.

Most large dogs were kept in this biiiiig caged pen.
And at bath time, instead of a rub-down with a good dose of shampoo, they just used this hose to spray all the dogs with water.
This goes to show that PAWS is really in need of donations!!!

It pains my heart to know that most of these dogs will end up not being adopted and be put to sleep!
Instead of adopting, most people opt to buy a puppy from the pet shop.
So before you do, please think twice and help adopt a puppy from PAWS!
There are lots to choose from at the Puppy corner, all needing much love.

I fell in love with this guy as soon as I saw him.
His eyes - brown, hopeful and pleading, and they seemed to scream "TAKE ME HOME!!!!"
His coat of fur is as white as snow, though flecked with dirt, and his ears - adorable.
GOD I want him :(
Though Candy (and my mom - and my dad) would kill me as soon as I bring him past the front gate.

We left, but we'll be back very soon to volunteer!
Hopefully, i'll see him back there again, or maybe he would be adopted already by a loving family...
I'm just crossing my fingers now, praying that he wouldn't be put down.

Remember, all animals - especially dogs and cats and bunnies - have rights to live too.

What did we do at Yippee Cup?
Find out soon :D

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