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Monday, April 23, 2007 @ 4:11 PM
Sunway Lagoon trip..

Haha, actually planned this outing damn late. :P
But six of us (supposedly seven... *cough* Geoffrey *cough*) showed up to go Lagoon.

The Case Of The Sesat Piggie
When I came, I thought the entrance was the dry park entrance, so I walked alllll the way there; then I couldn't see em' so I waited and waited and waited.
Then while waiting, there was this dude with brown hair (very fat, I think he's a Myanmar-ian), he was with his own group of friends but he was looking at me for like a damn long time.
I felt creeped out so I walked into the giftshop and pretended to speak on the phone.
HE FOLLOWED ME IN, and he stood right in front of me, giving me a creepy smile.
I brushed past him, and walked out ; he walked out.
Then thankfully MunSuet and Alissa called and they asked me to meet them at P.D.I so I walked allllllllll the way back to Pyramid.
Halfway walking back, I passed this spot in the parking lot where there were like 10 Indonesian doods and I was the only girl in the carpark.
They pointed at me and they said something, and I RAN the rest of the way to Pyramid.

We played some wet park games first, then went up to the dry park.

We absolutely loved the Lost City Of Gold.
At first we all sat in the middle, then after the ride, we wanted to go again, so the man said ok, then we all changed seat to the back.
Damn shiok.
Then we got out, and the man waved bye to us and told us to bring more people up.

WeiHong: Ok.

So when I thought we would take the stairs back down to take some other rides, suddenly WeiHong took another round then all of us followed suit.
The man saw us then gave us this look -_-

Then we walked back to the wet park.
WeiHong took out his camera phone and started snapping like crazy.

Me trying to be rocker chick, Jason, MunSuet, Syaf and Alissa.

Aku buat bodoh. :P
Octie took this candid photo.

I failed.

Syaf, me, MunSuet, Jason and Alissa.

Another candid shot.
In the kiddie pool.

A blur-but-nice shot of us.

Alissa and the frog.

Dolphin, Alissa, Piggie and Donkey(yang blur :P).

The water umbrella.

Look at Donkey's hair.
Rocker siot. :P

HAHA Syafiq and his faces.

Alissa, MunSuet, Me, Jason and Syaf.

Jason, MunSuet, me.

WeiHong being sampat. :P

Donkey and Piggie.

WeiHong and Alissa.... er.
Comparing muscles?

WeiHong being sexay.

WeiHong, Jason and Me (stil trying to be rocker chick).

Jason -_- and WeiHong (peeing water) -_-.
At the pirate ship.


Me, Alissa, MunSuet and Syaf

Jason, Me, Alissa.

Syaf and his ngee smile.


Waiting for the big bucket of water to fall on us.
Piggie: Wanna see a hot octopus?
Winnie: Rubbish. No hot octopuses on earth.
Piggie: ... I'll show you.

Winnie: ....

Sampat donkey :P
Me being rocker chick again >.>

Taken by a lifeguard.

Me telling them about de stalker dood, who showed up at the wave pool beach and stared at me still.

Jason, Me, MunSuet and Syaf.

Oh god.
When I jump, my face always looks like that -_-

Donkey and his jumps.

Apakah si sotong sedang buat?

MunSuet and WeiHong

Me and WeiHong.

Jason and me (giving my stalker the evil eye).

Group shot, taken by Alissa.
Me trying to act kiut.


Si octopus camwhoring while we all playing toss-the-tshirt.

Dono apa he buat.

Me and MunSuet :D

Donkey trying to do piggie face :D
Piggie more pro. :Pp

Kami bertiga buat bodoh. LOL.

Aw, WeiHong fell asleep cos we were hogging his camera :P

Jason and Alissa.

Donkey and Piggie.

I was about to laugh. LOL.

The shocked faces =O
LOL so kiut lar.


MunSuet and Alissa!

What did we do after we showered?
Find out NEXT!

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