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Sunday, April 15, 2007 @ 4:08 PM
A Special Sunday..

One last post before I retreat to my room to bury my head in my Human Communications textbook - again. :D

A few hours ago, I was happily sitting in front of my computer, multitasking - studying Human Comm, listening to music and chatting on MSN in my pajamas when I heard the doorbell ring.
I thought it was my cousins who were coming over for lunch.
I ran to the window and spotted a girl and I thought she was one of my cousins, but then I heard my phone suddenly ring.

"Wehhh, we're outside your house now! We were going to go to the Spastic home but we drop by and visit you awhile."
It was Pounds, Dollar and Kai.
"OMG serious!"

I flew to my room then hurriedly changed then I ran downstairs.

Mom let me follow them out to lunch tho I ate popiah already :DDDDDD

LOVE YOU GUYS HOR. <3<3<3<3<3<3
I wish I can go jiak King Crab with you three tonight - Drew belanja? :Pp - but then I have to be a good girl and study .


Quote of the day: "Can I ride your dog?" - Kaisin. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :Pp *cough* Andrew *cough cough*

Okay, gotta go study now!!!

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