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Thursday, April 12, 2007 @ 9:54 PM
Yippee Cup Bubble Tea outing..

A year ago, I used Photobucket and explored with Photoshop. *click click*

After PAWS, we hopped into Aneh's car... (Kai was driving...)
And we camwhored, camwhored and camwhored...
More pictures in Kai's cam, but later lah :D

Huai and I!
Love her very much :D

We reached Yippee cup in SS2, then all of us hopped out of the car and Drew pressed lock.
These two still in the car :P
Pretended not to look :P
But we finally let em' out.

When we got the menus... we flipped a few pages then JoanTheBone spotted something.
*Cough cough*
Ze BIG one!! (Inside joke)
I hope Tianyi doesn't read my blog...

The name sounds ...
A bit condemned.

I love my strawberry bubble teaaa lots lots!
Yippee Cup serves good milk bubble tea.
Should go try.
They have it in One Utama and SS2, still got other places also, but I don't know where.

Thanks bone.
Yummy mummy pearls!

Pretty bubble tea!
Terence's and mine.

Andrew's, TianYi's, Joan's, Terence's and mine :D
TianYi ordered honeydew, Joan ordered lemon.
Andrew one very the special (the little glass mug on the side).
Forgot what it was called adi.
Mix of watermelon, strawberry, peach, honeydew or dono what lah.

Joan ze devil poking fork from behind.
Yummy french toast!

My toast with kaya!!!
Lazy to decorate picture adi.
Bear with me :D

Dollar's lovin' it.

:) Love you guys hell lots!


On another note;

I have all their songs; been playing them all on a loop since yesterday night.
Can't wait till they release their new album and when they come to Malaysia again.

Linkin Park's new song, What I've Done, kicks ass.
There's a fake song circling on Ares which doesn't sound like Linkin Park at all.
So if you think Linkin Park have suddenly turned angsty and Chester doesn't sound like Chester at all, I think you've got the wrong song.

Maroon 5's new song, Make Me Wonder, KICKS ASS TOO.
Damn nice, has a really good beat to it.
Makes you just wanna jump up and dance to it.
Go listen at their site ; www.maroon5.com.
Damn promising.
Fucking nice.

Concerning Good Charlotte's KL tour...
Rumours have been circling that you have to WIN Good Charlotte's tickets, and you HAVE to be a DIGI user.
Fucking MTV.
I'm so going to boycott MTV if they don't release the tickets as normal.
MTV VJ Colby went to LimKokWing university and gave out 800 Good Charlotte tickets.

p/s: Good Charlotte's Billy is lookin' gooood (though I like him better when he was in Predictable. :D). Hel-lo there, gorgeous.

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