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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 @ 9:00 PM
Random pictures..

A year ago, I edited some pictures retro-style..and complained about the wrath of the dumbass Teletubbies. *click click*

Random conversation today:

*Librarian runs over my library-access slip*
Mr.Librarian : Okei... nanti ya... *begins to enter my student ID number*
Me: Boleh baca ar. :P
Mr.Librarian : *Smirks* Haha.
*A pause*
Mr.Librarian : Today is 10th ya?
Me: No, 11th. :P *laughs and walks in*

I have to control my sarcasm. :P


Me in my super white-beige-orange-red bedroom with my piggy doll and my Patrick doll :DD

Yes I am.
Snapped by Deborah or Surekha or Florence or... someone.
Forgot adi.
I remembered it was a girl who took it though.

Credits to Jason, who sent me this picture along with a batch of others;
And Geoffrey and WeiHong of course.
*Cough cough cough couuughhhhh*

YanSin and I *oink oink*


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