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Friday, May 11, 2007 @ 7:57 PM
10th May.

I dont know why
This feeling of loneliness just washes over me

Everyone takes me for granted these days
No one really takes me seriously

Am i really invisible and I havent noticed?

Yesterday had a blast of a time

Pool in college after boring Moral class
Where we were introduced to yet another project coming up concerning orphans

Being the blur me I am
After handing over the pool stick to Jason after failing to sink a ball i walked off to the toilet
And i because i was laughing non stop before that
I stumbled towards the toilets in a blur
And I went to the wrong toilet by mistake and went in the men's toilet instead

The pool counter guy was inside standing at one of the urinals
And gave me a startled look when i came in
I muttered a quick "OHMIGOD IM SO SORRY" and rushed out, mortified

:( The price you pay when you laugh too much

Then i headed to MV to give Joan a surprise
Did some mild shopping beforehand

Stoned in Killiney's for about two hours, reading the newest novel in the Clique
PerasanColin came by like twice while me and JoanTheBone were chatting then went "What?" and smiled, thinking he was *soooo* good looking and all

Then after Joan got off work
We walked around with her coworker Julian, walking from shop to shop

Spotted nice ballet flats in Topshop for like RM30 something but they didn't really look good on my feet so i didn't buy them
I liked lots of tops though
But sadly no money :(

We found white shades and put them on happily

Yay, another outing to Mid Valley tomorrow!

See, told you it was my second home :D