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Monday, May 07, 2007 @ 9:25 PM
Some crap..

"So, you're just giving up, just like that?" he asked
"I'm not giving up," I scoffed
"I just ... don't ... feel anything any more."
and sometimes its all just for the better

And some people just don't really get my taste in guys
"Man, that guy. Out of your league."
"What? You mean he's out of my league?"
Badger (lets call him Badger, since he wants to stay anonymous) rolled his eyes
"No, I mean you're out of his league."

the whole convo doesn't even make any sense.

On the other hand ; thinking of changing my layout yet again
But i'm bored with all the colors;
I want a white background with enough space to put my bigass pictures inside so that I can stay happy and you can stay happy

Stay tuned.



I'm sorry.
But me?

Somebody should really just fire the creator of this thing.

p/s: Mr. Inderjeet Singh aka. Mr.Indy was really funny.
Kept us cracking up till our jaws were numb.

Mr.Indy : *looks up from his list* Julia Anne George?
Julia: *raises her hand*
Mr.Indy: *looks at Julia* so, what do you want me to call you? Julia, Anne, or George?

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