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Monday, May 07, 2007 @ 11:08 AM
Bored and kind of depressed..

Owh yeah, before I forget, please welcome back the
Random Conversation Of The Day

(All of us were sitting at the chinese stall)
ZhengJoo: So, Robin, you not eating ar?
Robin: I'm eating balls.
ZhengJoo: Huh? Balls?
Robin: Fish balls!


My holidays are OVER.
Which explains why i'm sitting here in the Media Hub in college blogging to pass the time away till my next class, which is at twelve.

Oh, before I go, I just have to announce that Blade's blog is back; this time with Clifford in tow.
Their most recent post is hilarious.
Keep it up guys :D *click click*

Only 3+ hours till I get home and start RO-ing with you people again!!!!!!

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