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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 @ 10:17 AM
I don't want to.

the hardest word ever for people like

It's seriously hard for them to quit smoking
They need nicotine patches and candy to get over their intense craving for a cig

Well the same concept goes to
Quitting RO;
especially when three or four of your closest friends are playing too

"Girl, by this Friday I want you to delete the game." my mother firmly said
I could barely make out an answer

If it weren't for Huai or WL all the way in Ozzie, or Terence or Joan i'd never would have started
It's the only time and place where I can actually hang with my old pals daily

New friends like YouKnowI'mHotMugen from Mexico aren't so bad meeting either

..... And my mom wants me to quit

That's WL and me when I was still a hunter and before the AlDeBaran Kapra disappeared
Yeah, I just noticed that it was gone -_-

Best if we take the word out of our vocabulary.