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Saturday, May 26, 2007 @ 2:42 PM


Which hangs every time i send an SMS.

A dead ringer for Elvis Presley.

WeiJiin and his little flying aeroplanes :P

"Please buy my merchandise."

Surekha, Florence (I can see her smiling :P), Lish, Jason and Dara Banks.

On the way to school - saw this reddish cloud.

Laughed my arse off.

During moral class:-

Yes me likey.

I'll give you a name from Shrek!
What about Puss In Boots?

Edited the colors cos without editing it, the picture will be too blur.

Geoff .... taken by Lish.

Lish's hand.
And my Cina-like eyes.

Lish and ZJ's hands.

Guys read Hot too.

Alicia :P with my fingers and ZJ's camera.

A cute candid pic of Lish.

Keldai sedang minum Coca-Cola.
Diambil oleh ZJ.

Lish and heart.

ZJ's drawings.

Surekha and Florence.


Civilisation gone!


Under my umbrella..ella..ella...ay...ay...ay :P
The Rihanna song - damn addictive!

My fave chocolate of all time!
At first I created this.
Then I thought it was too plain.
Then I thought it was too much so I deleted the rest (I didn't wanna delete the fat carrot... but it didn't match, so... bye-bye!
And thus, you have my latest header.

Have to go to someone's wedding soon -_-
I don't want to wear a freaking dress because I have no freaking shoes!!!!
You can't wear a dress with sneakers you know.

Maybe I can .. hmmm....

p/s: I can't STAND living with someone who's so anal -_-