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Thursday, May 24, 2007 @ 8:40 AM


Number one.

(1) Fine. I admit. I'm a spoilt brat. Yes. I am. AND I LOVE BEIN A SPOILT BRAT. It's part of who i am.
(2) I'm going straight to the point why i snapped at you yesterday. Nash, can you please stop picking on that certain person that you always pick on? It's so not funny. DON'T TRY TO DENY THAT YOU DON'T BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOU DO. SO STOP IT.

Thank you.

And please, please do complain about me more.
Go ahead.
I'm lovin' it.
Because that shows how mature you are. Hah.

These pictures are really super outdated.
But i'll post em anyway, since i took the trouble to edit them the day before yesterday during a serious emo session.

And now since i'm having another one, i'll just look at these photos and make myself happy again.

Aneh's and YuJing (or I think it was his) butts -_- and someone's boootiful artwork in YELLOW paint

Hm hm, uhoh, Billy~
Sampat Dollar - loyal to his beloved Green.

I really like this picture.
It shows how much team spirit we people have for our houses.
(Well, obviously not me, since (a) i'm no longer in school, and (b) even in school, i've never really shown any team spirit for red anyway..)

Then we proceeded on to MidValley in 2 cars, Dollar driving one and Mistress aka. Kai driving another one
Dollar kept cutting in and cutting out trying to catch up with Kaisin and we kept looking at her thru the window but she refused to look at us -_-

Had lunch at Killiney's and then picked Joan up to go watch Wild Hogs with us.

Me -_- talking to Joan or Huai.

Just felt like putting the Heroes quote there :P

And thus we went home.

And still, I feel so
*stuff deleted, because re-reading it makes me feel even emo-er*


What happened yesterday night?

All I remember was i just finished my dinner and mom went
"Hey, call your brother down to eat dinner..."

And being me, i refused to call the little idiot, so i went
"Arghh later lahhhh."
Then i plopped down on the sofa to read my Seventeen magazine.

The next thing I know, Dad's home, and he's shaking me awake, saying "Girl, go to sleep, come, I guide you upstairs" knowing that i'd probably trip up the wooden staircase painfully or bump into a wall or something or roll down Tellytubby-style.

Then, i proceeded to have a nightmare about the movie we watched yesterday, 28 weeks later and woke up late this morning.

Wunnerful -_- .

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