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Saturday, May 12, 2007 @ 11:16 PM
James Franco and the sort.

just warning you before you all come to me and kick my ass for spoiling the show for y'all
so .. dont say i didn't warn you ok

ladies and gentlemen, i am officially in love with james franco

Went to mv with 6 other Guavas to celebrate JoanTheBone's birthday and watched spidy movie number three
I have heard people say that the show sucks and theres too many bad guys and its too action packed
But isn't that what everybody wants?

The show *iS* nice, in my opinion. The best one out of the three movies
James Franco (Harry, the new green goblin) just gets hotter and hotter with every single movie that passes (his oh so cute smile!!!! *melts*)
They killed off his evil daddy and now they had to kill him off too -_-

Okay, okay -_-
I admit. I admit.
I wept at the ending because it was just so so sad
Even if Harry's face was half burnt because the bad Peter Parker threw one of his own bombs at him, he *is* still hot
And then when the thing pierced through him i could hear gasps from all the girls in the cinema
(No doubt guys too ok)

That's when the tears started falling
And mister Terence noticed me crying

"Don't lar like thatttt"
which only made me cry harder
"Shut up!"
"Don't cryyy"
*gives him the finger*

i told you
I only weep for hot guys

I especially liked the part where Harry and Peter were fighting in Harry's house

"I protected you in high school but now i'm going to kick your little spidy ass."
(Peter fixes a mocking look at Harry) "Ooohh~"

the Venom dood -_- whenever it opens its wide mouth to shriek i just feel like reaching out and bitchslapping it like non stop
The dood is sooo bimbotic

The Sandman is ok cos I sort of like him
He played that rich guy in George Of The Jungle too who was Ursula's city boyfriend before she met leopard-underwear George
No wonder he looked so familiar.
He looked more buff than he did in GOTJ
Lookin' goooood, Lionel!

Ok i told Huai i'd put up some pictures here
I already edited tons of them but im so tired now

I haven't posted up a ton of pictures in like what seems like a year

Soon ok soon

And Weihong you can ask me for your birthday pics now whenever you see me online UNLESS i am away ok

I finally got around to uploading them
*smug smile*

Okay okay got to go

*scoots off to play RO*

p/s: -_- our convo in RO

referring to my previous post where i went into the wrong toilet
"YES -_- *hides face in shame* I DIDNT SEE ANYTHING OK? I just saw him standing at the urinal"
"Hor hor... i know your intentions~"
"NOOOOOO... i have no bad intentions!"
"LOL. Yes you do. HAHAHAHA"
"Or any intentions, for that matter...The pool guy is fat and he aint hot ok"
"Purposely walk into wrong toilet... LOL"
"Why should i look when he is NOT hot?"
"HAHAHA if he's James Franco or Cristiano Ronaldo i will CONSIDER looking. LOL!"
"LOL. Consider? I think you just run in la. LOL"
"Ham sap po ;P"

cousinly bonding. yups. LOL.

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