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Monday, May 21, 2007 @ 7:22 PM
Mid Valley... Again..

Took some time off to edit photos.

Damn, I just remembered -_- i need to write a proposal TONIGHT. And i feel so ... bloated and stuff arrghghghgh... and im not exactly in a smashing mood either

Came home, edited photos, right after that i was so tired, changed into a teeshirt and then switched on the aircon and then hopped straight into bed.
Funny thing is, i dreamt that me, WeiHong, Munsuet, Geoff, Jason and Miss Catherine were going to perform a tribal dance together.
RO Goblin style.

Then before my mom shook me awake for dinner, Miss Catherine was going "Tribal dance FTW (For The Win)."
I think i have been playing too much RO lately.

Ok, so pictures pictures pictures!
Have edited the color in every one of them... was experimenting with photoshop.

Dunkin' donuts, taken by Andrew, i think.

Joanie's lil smiley donut stuffed-banana ... donut.

Joan .. when we sang her a song in Secret Recipe.


Dollar grabbed my cam and became trigger-happy again.

My cyber-shot casing.


A blur shot of Terence (taken by his husband HAHA).
I misssssshsshshhh bimbo Terence!!!
Maybe i can take a tip or two from him :O

LingKit and Aneh and Kai (in the middle).
I like this shot.
If i'm not mistaken... I think Aneh was camwhoring o.O

One beeg happy family!
Taken my a SecretRecipe worker.
Since this pic so nice i wont mention about what happened with the cockroaches.

Terence kacau!!!!

Perfect camwhore pic :D

After watching Spiduhman 3, camwhoring somewhere in the hallway

Pounds :D
*hmm he reminds me of someone else who likes to stick his tongue out too*

OMG i liked how this pic turned out when i edited the color.
Its like the effect is like... for a fashion pic or something. *syok sendiri*

The pic that is on the header now :D

My darlings :D

Okay lah got to get started on the frickin' proposal -_-


And and and and ... shit -_- i think i'm getting addicted to YUI.

Listen listen!
This song is "Tomorrow's Way".

Ima wo kowashite shimaitai
Ima ni sugaritsuite itai
Jibun no koto wa wakara nai

Yari naoseru hazu nai yo
Shira nai machi ni kakurete mite mo
Madogoshi ni tada ima wo omou

Nigedashi tai shoudou kara
Nigedasu made no koujitsu ni mayou

Chigireta kioku wo tadoreba
Ano goro ni datte modoreru
Itsuka no shounen mitai ni

Kanaeru tame umaretekita no
Osanaki hibi ni egaita uchuu
I’m a baby nakitaku mo naru
Teniireru tame no
Itami nara so good

Ikiru koto ga tatakai nara
Kachimake mo shikata ga nai koto
Sonna koto kurai wakatte iru yo

Naki dashitai shougeki kara
Hashiri dashita asu he to kodou ga sawagu

Massugu ni ikiteyukitai
Tada massugu ni ikiteitai
Ano hi no shounen mitai ni

Kanaeru tame umaretekita no
Osanaki hibi ni kanjita kokyuu
I’m a baby nakitaku mo naru
Teniireru tame no
Itami nara so good

Dareka no kotoba ni tsumadukitaku nai
Madowa saretaku nai...

Ashita mo kitto kagayaiteiru
Osanaki hibi ni modoranakute ii
Tomorrow’s way of my life kowagari dakedo
Hikikaese nai michi ni tatteru

Kanaeru tame umaretekita no
Osanaki hibi ni egaita uchuu
I’m a baby naitari shinai
Teniireru tame no
Itami nara so good

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