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Thursday, May 17, 2007 @ 11:58 PM

Haven't been able to use this word in a damn long time

Took a looong nap after an hour of RO *looks away guiltily*
And then woke up for a very late dinner
I totally missed E! News but i'm not complaining :)

Yesterday, a few of the FICMers helped to put up banners and decorations for teachers' day
Here's the banner with all our signed hearts on it

Snapped by MunSuet
Not bad, girl! :D
I adore the color of the hearts

Me and MunSuet then went crazy with my phone

Was laughing like hell after we snapped this one

I can beat Bugs Bunny :D

Me wifout glasses

Donkay with the lil fan that Octie brought

*Runs off before Donkey can keel me*

And then, i damn lazy to edit pictures nice nice already so you just bear with it la
No mood to edit lately :/ i need inspiration

I hate it when i toothy-grin
NOT on purpose ok

When i wanna take photo i usually very happy then my mouth somehow grow wider

Yay cozy group photo!

I buat bodohing with ze octopus

On the way to MV

SHREK 3 coming out
Yet the donkey still so relaxed

Got movie premiers to go to and all XD

Hong with my velvet jacket
>.> I bet if he bends down he'll rip it

Ok i have to go
My mom is shouting all the way from downstairs for me to go to bed when i absolutely canNOT sleep now -_-


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