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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 @ 3:44 PM

When you're angry...
What do you do?


Yeeshhh fell asleep again then woke up thinking it was the next day and when i saw the lights were on i went "OH SHIT. THE INTERVIEW" and started pulling on clothes and when i took another look at my handphone i saw it was only 7pm -_- went back to bed. Blehhhhhhhhh.

Getting lazier and lazier by the day.

I am so

Today while having a chat with FICMers who were eating in Rouge cafe
When we were getting ready to leave Syaf suddenly brought up the topic about music
And I was about to go "I LOVE ROOOSTER!!" next, when Syaf went "Hey, do you know MCR sudah split?"

I exclaimed so loud, that i was sure the table next door stopped what they were talking about to stare at me as if i were a maniac.
"Yeah, cos -"
"But... but but but !!!!!!!! WHYYY?!"
"No, cause Mikey Way getting married mah."
And after that I was sure I was in a state of shock because my eardrums started buzzing like they always do when i'm in shock.
"Okay lah... they didn't lah, they're just taking a break. *laughs*"

You just wait, Syaf. YOU JUST WAIT.

Anyway, yesterday, when i was supposed to finish my proposal for English, my friend saw this as my display pic.

"HAHA you look like a tomato!"
"I edited the photo colors lah you dumbass."
"You still look like a tomato with or without the editing MUAHAHA"
"...... *refuse to layan him*"

Then i changed my display picture 10 minutes after

To represent my mood then because of the proposal + that stupid tomato-calling celaka punya orang

"HAHA you changed your display pic, huh, tomato?"
"................. BETTER NOW? *pissed emoticon*"
"No. You look like you want to shit but you can't. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!"



Shrek fever Shrek fever! Only a week or so till the release of Shrek! OMG i can't WAIT to see Mr. Puss In Boots work his stuff with sexy-voiced Antonio Banderas behind it LALALALA!!
Listening to the Shrek Theme Song now, humming the damn tune over and over again - well baby i surrender to this strawberry ice cream la la la LA but there's no escaping your love OMG its so addictive i can die HAHA here here LISTEN TO IT ITS SO GOOD AND ADDICTIVE I SWEAR!!!!

Ohmygod i just realized I have these to do

(1) photoshop pictures for our presentation tomorrow
(2) finish Mr. Ms.Thong(yeah, i know, nice name, huh?)'s stupid tutorial Excel shit that she asked us all to do last week
(3) TRY TO REPAIR MY ARDENT RO !$$%#$%%$%$

Somebody shoot me.

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