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Friday, May 25, 2007 @ 6:34 PM

Is it a coincidence?
Or is it a bad sign?

Well, this afternoon, I was very hungry, and my mom had gone out to fetch my little brother from school and they'd be having bak kut teh for lunch, and I didn't want any, so I ordered myself McD's.
(I'm going to get fat.)

Anyway, I waited for the sound of the motorbike, channel-surfing, before stopping at E! to admire Ryan Seacrest's voice for a little while on E! News before continuing jamming my thumb repeatedly on the + channel button.
Ahhhhhhhh. Utt. *grins to self*

A couple of minutes later, the red McDonalds bike stopped in front of my gate, Candy barking hysterically as the rider got down from his perch on the motorcycle seat and opened his pack.
I opened the front door gingerly, money scrunched in my right fist.

"Yes, moi. Here." he said, and reached out, waving the receipt through the stainless steel bars on my front gate.
And the next thing, I noticed, as he handed me two plastic bags - HE HAD NO MIDDLE FINGER ON HIS LEFT HAND.

*flashback, about 2 months ago*

The man handed me the plastic bags, and I had to unhook them from his finger -
"Jangan takut, moi."
He had no middle finger on his left hand.

*end flashback*

"Jangan takut, moi. Nah, ambik."