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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 @ 11:55 PM
how to save a life.

Blogger sucks. Streamyx sucks. MSN sucks.


I am currently working on editing my pictures :) I think they will probably be up tomorrow, if the internet decides to be nice to me.
Since it's the holidays, i've decided to write a Panic! fanfic - yes, yet another one - based on the Livejournal question I came across this morning about who'd you choose to be if you had the chance to be another person or something.
The story i'm going to write is practically about Brendon wanting to be Ryan, and so, he imitates Ryan in every way possible, until Jon stops him, and ...
Well, i'm not sure if it's going to be a slash fanfic yet, but it probably is. XD
There's rarely a JonxBrendon.

I'll be going to Genting on Friday.
Boo :(
It'll be so boring over there.
No RO, no computer. NADA.
The shops there are boring, and unless I want to attempt to steal the large poster of Cristiano Ronaldo in Nike, there is nothing else to do.
Maybe i'll sit in Starbucks all day and people watch. Not like there's anything interesting about the people in Genting.