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Thursday, August 23, 2007 @ 3:13 PM
Random Stuff From The Eccentric Moi.

+ I am currently in need of good food. Like, good food. Gourmet food maybe. Or traditional nyonya food - curry kapitan with rice, assam laksa, curry laksa, prawn mee, etc etc. Mom being out to get the car serviced isn't really helping much.

+I'm working on the new header for this site. Don't know really what to use - i'll see how it goes. Right now I think i've decided on Linkin Park, but the thing is they have so little pictures on their site. Maybe i'll have to repeat one or two. I don't know, we'll see :)

+Pictures still on the other comp. Shall bring them over when teh lazybum bro has logged on to his MSN to send them to me. Cupcakes, Random snappings and Sunway outing pics coming right up soon, soon soon!

+Since I read September's Seventeen yesterday, i'm really inspired to change my diet. I mean, I eat a pretty heavy breakfast (forced by mom), unhealthy lunches and equally unhealthy dinners. And i never exercise, unless you count running after your dog and walking around college zombie-like exercise. This girl, she used to weigh around 92kg, and after she got high blood pressure at the age of just sixteen, she realized she needed to do something fast, so she started eating two pieces of bread each morning for breakfast only, normal healthy food for lunch, and fruit for dinner. She got thinner lah, of course. I'm inspired to do the same, though Mom will kill me if I tell her I only want fruit for dinner. The idea of eating apples and oranges and bananas for dinner isn't really bad, although I might go for healthy Jap food from time to time. I wanna join a gym, but I have no sports shoes what so ever, unless my trusty Converses are passable for gym shoes. Dad would probably object if I tell him what I plan to do anyway.

But. I. Will. Try. To. Abstain. From. Fastfood.


+ I want DIOR ADDICT SHINE so badly!!!!!!! It's LIMITED EDITION and a bottle costs RM200++ :( It smells like heaven. It can beat Carolina Herrera's 212 Sexy and CK's One Summer. Mm, yes it can.

+ QUICK, Roxy, quiiiiiiiick, I am waiting for your Summer '07 collection! :D I have my eye on this particular top called At The Drive In, and you can view this beauty over HERE! I also have my eye on this, this and this! I heart ROXY. And Ripcurl, but it's gone? :( Boohoo.

+Lunch food iz heere! Okay, got to go! Much loves :) ... May be ranting here again tonight *big grin*