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Thursday, October 18, 2007 @ 12:16 AM
are you afraid of the dark?.

i hate cockroaches. i seriously hate them. like, when i see one, the hairs at the back of my neck stand, and i just can't help shivering and screaming (usually during the process of me running as far as i can from the insect). all of us have fears. c'mon. we all do. except if you're like Gaia from that book series Fearless, of course, but it isn't humanly possible. to not have fears. everyone is afraid of something. my brother, he's afraid of cockroaches (just like me, though he doesn't want to admit that he is). my friend, she's afraid of anything that has more than two legs. my dad, he's afraid of.... actually, i don't know what he's afraid of because he never ever shows any emotion except being grumpy all the time or laughing silently at the famous antics of mr.bean. and my mom, she's afraid of rats.

yet, she always chides me for being afraid of roaches (especially when i scream). like today. i was nodding my head along to Boys Like Girls' "The Great Escape" when this huge roach my maid was trying to catch yesterday (before it disappeared into a crack between the cupboard and the wall) suddenly appeared from behind my speakers and crawled up the freshly painted wall.

obviously, i screamed and i ran as fast as i could down the stairs, and then my mom threatened to stick cellophane tape across my mouth if i screamed again, calling me "siao lang" or "stupid" or "crazy".

.....is it fair? you tell me.

i don't have a problem with rats, except when they choose to die in the cup of your ceiling fan, causing maggots to drip steadily from the ceiling. *shudders*

its the maggots i have a problem with. NOT the rat.

rodents are cute. INSECTS ARE NOT.

cockroaches are disgusting, prickly, ugly, dirty, smelly, and downright... horrible.

and i certainly do not call my mom crazy for the fact that she's afraid of rats, because i wouldn't want a mark the size of a grapefruit on the side of my face or even a black eye. and i certainly do not think that she is crazy for being afraid of rats. people are different and are born different.

... some people just can't accept the way other people are.