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Thursday, October 18, 2007 @ 5:24 PM
Assholes on trains..

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(inspired by Karen Cheng, whose blog was introduced to me by Zheng Joo)

Stepping on the train, I nonchalantly answered a call from Joan before spotting a seat next to an elderly old man in a blue shirt. I plonked down on the hard orange plastic seat, thinking that it was a really good seat, for it was next to a pole that I could hang on to if the train lurched too much to the left when it stopped, and there were two pretty harmless looking guys and a tudunged lady sleeping with her mouth open on the seats across from me.

Boy, I was so damn wrong.

The tudunged woman was really funny to watch, though. She'd snore loudly once in a while, drawing smirks from the people in the carriage we were in (me included). She honestly looked a little like Puan Kalsom, my Kajian Tempatan teacher when I was standard six, whose house, we were told, got broken into by a toyol. That's an interesting story for another day.


The guy across from me - let's dub him Asshole A - was kind of thin and tall, with shaggy black hair falling loosely around his ears and a sort of fat chin. He was wearing a light blue-and-white striped polo shirt, dark jeans and battered, mud-splattered beige Converses with light blue laces. Talk about color coordination.

The guy sitting next to him - Asshole B - was the opposite of Asshole A. He was fat, short and his stomach was bulging from underneath his once-white polo tee. He had a mouth that I was certain could fit at least 2 McDonalds' BigMac burgers in, and a really loud pasar malam hawkerlike voice. He had really revolting shoes - they looked somewhat like Crocs, minus the holes, and they were leather. Can you say, fugly?

Both of them were talking loudly in Cantonese. When I sat down, Asshole A looked at me from behind his framed glasses. So did Asshole B, but I didn't really care, because it's usually normal if someone looks up at you when you sit down across from them.

I pulled out my iPod and plugged the earphones into my ears, but I didn't turn the music on yet. As soon as they thought I wasn't paying attention, Asshole A nudged his fat friend and they both smirked at me and said in Cantonese,

"Wah. Got iPod some more wanna sit train."

"Ya loh," his partner agreed.

Such utter stupid nonsense. Does it mean that i'm not entitled to the use of public transport if I have an iPod? Is there a fucking sign anywhere that says people who own iPods aren't allowed to board trains?

I gripped my iPod nano so hard (thank God the body's made out of titanium), it was all I could do to not throw it at them to wipe the smirks off their faces.

The both of them kept smirking at me periodically until I got off at the Taman Bahagia stop.


Asshole A, I hope you get choked to death by a pair of iPod earphones one day.

Asshole B, I hope you get bigger and bigger until you can't even fit through the doors of the train we were in just now :)


Anyway, Nash tagged me, so here I am, doing it.

I think tags like this - not too short but not too long - are fun and perfect to do!

Would you rather...

pierce your nose or tongue?
i'd rather pierce my nose, because i've heard tongue piercings can be extra painful.

be serious or be funny?
i'd rather be serious. sometimes being funny all the time has its limits.

drink skimmed or whole milk?
skimmed. diet diet diet! :D ... i hate drining milk, anyways, so i never drink milk. unless it's chocolate milk, then it's a different story.

die in a fire or drown?
*touches wood* hmm. drowning is scary. i nearly drowned once, when i was a kid. i think i'll have to go with fire.

spend time with your parents or enemies?
hands down, parents. sure, they can be embarassing sometimes, but it's still my parents, and they love me.

Are you...
simple or complicated?
i'm really complicated. you think i'm simple, but sometimes i'm so twisted i can't even figure myself out.


hell no. i'm straight. i'm into gay boys though HAHAHA


hardcore punk rock fan!! :D yes i am!

Would you prefer
flowers or candy?
candy any day. not a flower person. i think they stink, though it would be pretty meaningful if i received one from someone special :)

grey or black color?
black. definitely black.

colored or black&white photos?
both! colored photos are usually fun while black and white photos are usually sentimental and artsy.

lust or love?
love. hands down.

sunrise or sunset
both are equally beautiful, though i never wake up early enough to see the sun rise, so i think i'll have to go with sunset.

M&M's or skittles?
skittles! i'd take smarties over M&M's. and skittles are love! especially yellow ones.

staying up late or waking up early?
staying up late ... and then waking up late.

sun or moon?
sunny sun sun! we can't really see the moon properly due to all the clouds here in malaysia, so... :D

winter or autumn?
both. the air is cold - that's all that matters.

left or right?
right. but sometimes i like to be odd, and i choose left. *shrugs*

having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?
2 best friends. hahah i have 2 best friends and (more than) 10 acquaintances, though. and both are just fine :D

sun or rain?
sun. rain when i'm sleeping in bed, but yeah, i'll have to go with sun.

vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?
chocolate ice cream

vodka or jack?
vodka. WITH COKE!

About you...
what time is it?
six forty five in the evening

mrs ryan ross. ha, i wish. winnie loo jia yi.

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ah nie (this sort of sticks with everyone in my family -_-), pisang (huai), wlookid

place of birth?

27th october.

What do you want?
currently? i wantttttttttttttttttttttttttt ........ to go to the click five concert.

Where do you want to live?
in new york, or preferably L.A, because i've heard that new york can be pretty nasty sometimes.

How many kids do you want?
one adopted one.

What would you want to name a girl?
Keltie. Or Madison. Or... Kimora. Or even Tyra. Or Heidi

What would you want to name a boy?
Spencer. Brendon. Jon. Ethan. Milo. William. Pete. and the list goes on.

Do you want to get married?
yeah. but right now, i think love is so so overrated.

nervous habits?

biting at the skin around my nails.

are you double jointed?

can you roll your tongue?

can you raise an eyebrow?
after several years of practice...... yes :D

can you cross your eye?
yes. whenever i do that i freak my maid out - she thinks it's really scary and funny at the same time.

do you twirl your spaghetti?
yeah. i never get why people do it though. *shrugs*

have you eaten spam?
yes! deeeelicious, especially when eaten between two slices of bread.

favourite ice cream?
coffee haagen dazs ice cream. or chocolate bulla. or new zealand natural's cafe espresso :D

how many cereals do you have in your cabinet?
my brother's bran raisin shit. or something like that.

favourite beverages?

hong kong lai cha. teh ais. white coffee ais. starbucks green tea frappucino (there's nothing quite like it), chocolate ice blended. soya bean. kampai. bailey's irish cream. and the list goes on and on

can you cook?
can't cook to save my life.

There! All done.

I now tag :-
- Zheng Joo
- Florence Song
- Surekha
- Florence Loo

and if you three are free and have nothing to do :-

- Bunny
- Bean
- Ho