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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 @ 12:25 PM
Weddings and baby worlds..

There was a wedding yesterday.

I swear, the world's so small sometimes.

And I swear, my dad's family is SO big (my grandma has 12 children, including my dad, of course - 7 sons, 5 daughters) sometimes, that I can't even remember who's who. I don't even know half my family. And all the husbands and spouses make it even worse.

During weddings or family functions, it goes like this :

*nudges mom* "Whossat ah?"
"Eh? She's (insert random aunt's/uncle's) daughter mah! The bride/groom's sister. Your cousin."
"Who?! Have I seen her before?"
"Yaaaa! Omg you don't know her meh? Last time etc etc"

Then my mom will tell me some story about how I used to talk to that person before, or how that person came to my house when I was younger and he/she had given me this and that.

I seriously suck lah. But EVERYBODY looks the same!!! This uncle looks like that uncle. And what if I call him by the wrong name? Damn embarassing can die dot com. So most of the time I don't call at all. I just smile. But then my mom/dad will smack my arm and go, "OY NEVER CALL PEOPLE AH!"


Anyways, I was sitting down at a table yesterday beside Joan, waiting for the bride and groom to sashay in so that we can have our food, when I happened to look casually to the right and I spotted my cousin from my mom's side of the family whom I call Ah Oon Kor Kor. He's an absolute whiz in Physics and Maths and he's a lecturer at Monash.

Apparently, he's friends with the groom, and the bride is supposedly my cousin on my dad's side, or so my mother tells me. So you could imagine how surprised I was.


I swear we could have gone "OI?" there for like sixty more seconds, if not for my mother, who "OI?"ed also and proceeded to ask why he was there.

And he says, his friend, who is also the groom's friend, was there, and this friend of his was my tuition teacher when I was in Form 2. And that friend's wife is Joan's Statistics lecturer in college.

.. Complicated eh.

I myself get muddled up when I think about it.

Such a small world. :)


This is such a rambly post. I scrolled up and tried to understand what I wrote and i'm like, "Huh?"

... I damn malas nak rewrite so I'll leave it like that for now.