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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 @ 10:37 PM
leaning over the crowd.

God, i swear i've not been writing proper blogposts about my life lately. been too caught up in The Click Five message board and writing fanfiction. it's been awesome so far.

my livejournal mod is now angry at me for neglecting my story on Ryden but whatever, that story's long dead anyway *headdesks*

last night i stayed up until five AM to finish my English Research Report. it's been the earliest EVER i've ever stayed up, the second earliest being the time i was finishing our Genre assignment on superheroes for Mr. Indy. i heard the birds outside my window (a bunch of them built a nest somewhere between my awning and the windowsill) start chirping, and i'm like, "wow. it's morning. i usually wake up for school an hour later."

Mugen kept me company (and awake). i kept falling asleep and my head kept hitting the desk. *headdesks* he kept me awake by nudging me and making me watch this funny Youtube video full of footballers tripping over footballs and what not. thanks bunches, my favorite carrot.

anyway, i was reading this thread about the KL concert in the TC5 forums, and I found this picture.

looks like any ordinary picture of Kyle having an awesome time with his guitar eh? well, think again. you just might see Terence in white above the crowd, leaning over, trying to take a picture of Joey with my camera.

spotted him yet?

will post about the gig pretty soon!

ta for now.

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