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Thursday, November 08, 2007 @ 11:57 PM
Dreams and Wants.

last night, i had a dream involving Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship.

here's Gabe rocking his favorite purple hoodie of seven years, one of his many caps, his fake Dior bracelet and his Justin Timberlake locket-necklace at a gig :)

let's just say i had a good sleep and i woke up at 2pm. go figure the rest.


i want a Polaroid camera.

it's so i can snap pictures, label them with a marker, and frame them up in a photo album and actually look through them from time to time.

Polaroids are way artsier and more cooler than old-school camera photos for sure.

they don't get lost the way digital photos do.

i never see any Polaroid cams on sale anywhere nowadays and i'm wondering where to get them. if anyone knows where to get one/has one and wants to sell it off cheap, please leave me a message at my tagbox. you know what to do ;)



anyway. the official photographer for the click five's gig yesterday posted up some pics on the official messageboard.

and yes, Ethan was the one who stood out in lime yesterday ;)

Joe was wearing his usual gray t-shirt (it's either he has 23423532523 pairs of t-shirts like those or he's just rewearing the one. o_o).

Kyle was wearing a suit

and Ben and Joey were wearing waistcoats over a blouse and a tie :)

Ben was stylishly drinking from a glass of red wine as he played the keyboard. maybe that's why he winked at us :P

but anyway, suddenly i wish i had a DSLR too :(

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