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Thursday, November 01, 2007 @ 10:15 PM
you break me down.

Torn Up and Stomped On

I get so uncomfortable in certain situations sometimes.

I mean, I can't really decipher what the hell i'm going through, but it's sort of a mixture between disgust, hate and annoyance and the feeling's so strong that it makes my skin crawl and usually the best way to make it go away is to stuff my iPod earphones into my ears and blast My Chemical Romance or Linkin Park at the highest volume my ears can take.

I've been getting that feeling a lot lately. Some certain people just don't get the meaning of "personal space" or "privacy".

I just don't know how to tell someone. Maybe over a serving of chilli and cheese fries from Carls. Jr? :)

I really miss my best friends. I do. Nowadays, I rarely ever see Andrew, or Kai Sin, or Yee Lin, or Ka Peng (KA PENG!) or Tian Yi - but I keep accidentally calling him on a daily basis because I always forget to lock my phone and his name's at the top of my list AND HE'S STILL TOTALLY FINE ABOUT IT, bless him. Adam, if you ever read this, you rock socks man. Seriously. I am sorry for all the trouble and pain i've caused you HAHA. We should all get together one day. Yes. We should. God, I wonder what I'd do without Joan, Huai, Terence, WL, Lynette and Mugen. Love you guys lots and lots and lots.

I miss you guys. A lot. It seems to get worse by the day. It's like i'm homesick or something. It's like, you guys were my family. For two years. And now my family's ... separated. Not gone, hopefully. I'm having a bout of friendsickness, maybe? *insert teary pout here*

In the meantime, I shall sit here, red and sunburned, and reminisce of all the times we've had together for the gazillionth time.

That's Andrew. And that's Dereck who could have possibly prevented Andrew from celebrating any future Father's Day. And yes, that's me who's laughing. I was laughing so hard and I sounded like I was crying. Well, I practically was. It was so funny :P

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