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Saturday, November 03, 2007 @ 10:21 PM
my baby shirtless.

woo wee woo!

yup i'm all right and the world is colorful bright and sunny again! i'm still irritated, though. guess i'll have to live with it till the end.

right now, Wilson's watching Manchester Utd hopefully gain back their lead on the telly. i watched until Arsenal scored an equalizer and then the suspense was killing me so i came upstairs to write and listen to music. i heard the commentator scream "ROONEY!" from all the way up here so i guess it surely must be another goal... yes. surely.

anyways, we're not done with filming. we've still got loads of scenes to do. the phone booth scene isn't done. the fireplace scene isn't done. the bathtub scene isn't done. the bedroom-phone scene isn't done. the vietnam kitchen thing isn't done. the party scene isn't done.

the funeral scene's done. and the dog scene. and the meeting scene. and the crying at the airport scene. but that's about it.

tons of pictures from the first day - with Amir and Darren, acting as a priest and a gravedigger respectively. they were awesome! we seriously super duper owe them SO MUCH i tell you.

but the filming's been a blast (minus the sunburn) so far. :)

i'm going out tomorrow to help Terence go shopping. AWESOME! i'll pick up a Click Five cd so that i can listen to it when mom's driving and/or let Kyle sign it if there's a signing session on Wednesday!



weeee we're going to have a blast!

anyways, i'd better get my butt downstairs now. i want to ogle more of Ronaldo! OOH i think someone just scored - be right back....


Cristiano scored a fantabulous goal and then a few minutes later this bloody Arsenal guy scored wtf but Van Der Sar did a fantabulous job in defending the goal wtf and the others prevented another goal from happening wtf BUT THEY STILL FUCKING SCORED.

HMPH Arsenal, HMPH.

the war ain't over yet. :( we'll make it to the top of the table and kick your fucking butts all the way to the bottom with Chelsea, you'll see.

i'm disappointed, but not as much as i was because at the end after the ref blew the whistle, Ronaldo took off his shirt to exchange it with some dood from Arsenal and i got a long glimpse of him sans shirt muahahahah *

my baby in training :)

i am so proud of Man Utd nevertheless. we worked hard and WE'RE THE ONES who scored first - fantastic crossover from Ronaldo to Rooney :)

we fought hard and THAT'S WHAT MATTERS!

glory glory man united!

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