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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 @ 3:31 AM
Sleep needed. Pronto..

It's 3.32 AM, and God knows why i'm still up - my maid's going to wake up in twenty eight minutes and probably tell my mom that I stayed up this late.

My stomach hurts. I still wonder why I can tolerate being a girl. It feels like someone is actually scraping my insides with a cold metal spoon. Boys have NO idea what we're going through - we go through pain, we bleed each month and we even carry their BABIES for them and yet they say that WE'RE the weaker sex.

I sound like a three year old. Ugh.

Cue for me to go to bed.

When I wake up i'm probably going to go "What the fuck was I on?" when I read all that shit I wrote above - It's the Nurofen, Winnie, it's the Nurofen.