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Wednesday, February 06, 2008 @ 11:43 PM

Today, I caught the flu.

Today, I finally ate Mamee Chicken Onion cup noodles, after a long long long time of eating Mamee Tom Yam cup noodles. Random right. But then when I bought the chicken onion there wasn't a tom yam flavor so I picked Chicken Onion lor.

Today, after my nose stopped running, I caught a sore throat. And THEN a toothache.

Today, I played some Guitar Hero, after a 2 month hiatus. Love it.

Today, I ate nearly half a box of macadamia nuts.

Today, I received my first red packet of the year.

Tomorrow's the first day of Chinese New Year.

Tomorrow I won't be here, because i'm off to Langkawi with Joan, Flo and Shenning. Going to have a blaaaaaast.

Soooooooo just in case y'all miss me -

I've got to run - I haven't packed yet!