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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 @ 12:38 AM
of near perfect pasta and nieces and nephews.

since my blog is *so* deprived of pictures, i declare this a picture post!

(pictures from Florence)

last Tuesday after a long two-and-a-half hour discussion on our POJ radio assignment (over much frustration because the internet connection in the library was poop, and it kept disconnecting), we decided to reward ourselves with a nice lunch at Sunway Pyramid...

... even though i was broke. :D

Su, Flo and i had this. it didn't taste like your normal carbara + heaps and heaps of cream - it just tasted a little different, but yummy all the same with a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese (and maybe a couple of drops of tabasco sauce) on the top.

the best thing i liked about it was the bacon. ooh, the bacon. my mouth is watering just at the thought of it.

and i didn't have any dinner :(

(pics from Hoi)

i was elated when Hoi sent me pictures a few months ago from Australia.

i miss her sooo much. she's been like an elder sister/second mother to us, helping my mom take care of us whenever my mom's busy running around doing errands.

her picture's not here lah. don't know if i should post it here - if she reads my blog she'll kill me :P

Mathias's the eldest among all five kids - i think he's seven, not six. have no idea, really, the last time he was here he was only a mere three-four years old, still screaming, "WHERE'S MUMMY?!?!?!" whenever his mom wasn't in the same room as him. we had to placate him with sweets, saying "mommy's gone out to race cars" (because he was crazy about cars... long story) when in actual fact his mom was out catching up with her friends :)

i remember one time when he was two, either Joan or I accidentally said the word "fuck" and "asshole" in front of him - biiig mistake.

he proceeded to shoot us this big big grin, and went,

"TSUCK!" (he couldn't pronounce the letter F properly)
"NO! MATHIAS! DON'T SAY IT!" we chided him, but he only seemed to find this amusing, because he grinned even wider.

it was pretty hilarious then, but after that, he went,

"ARSSSSSSSS... HAWLL..." he chuckled at what he'd said, as though it was something funny.
"MATHIAS! DON'T SAY THAT!!! STOP IT!" we were freaking out/cracking up at the same time.

hahaha it was so funny.

i miss Constance. i lost all my old pictures of her, since my computer got wiped. she's really really pretty - and very very considerate.

recently, she asked her mom if she could learn ballet like all the other little girls out there, with their little pink ballet dresses and little pink ballet shoes.

but since the fee for ballet classes were really high (not including ballet equipment), her mother told her that she was sorry, it was too costly.

and surprisingly, instead of sulking and whining and moaning, she went, "Oh, it's okay, mommy. I know money is hard to earn, so i'll just learn swimming (which was a cheaper option) instead of ballet, then."


and she's not like other kids - she doesn't like fizzy drinks AT ALL. and she knows what's wrong and what's right. so clever :)

and she used to smile and laugh and pose for the camera and sing-a-long with Bob The Builder with me haha. those times, oh, those times.

Mason - he's six, I think, and he's so cute.

his newfound passion : the guitar. we just bought him a metronome for his guitar classes. :) who knows, next time when he grows up, he'll probably be in one of them bands, or maybe he'll be a folk singer! aah, i'm so proud of him. :)

he's such a little poser : he looooves the camera. you can probably tell in the two pictures i posted above. many people tell me he's going to grow up to be one cute fellow.

haha i hope so. :)

kay, enough gushing bout my favorite little nieces/nephews : need to get started on my work... unfortunately.