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Saturday, March 08, 2008 @ 1:18 AM

That was the last donut of mine in the box :(

I have finally succumbed to the donut craze that has hit our shores after so long.

And contrary to the belief that J.Co donuts are better than Big Apple donuts (thus the long lines at the J.Co outlets), I think Big Apple donuts trump J.Co donuts in variety AND practicality. J.Co doesn't even have the basic chocolate-icing donut (seen in the pic above <3) that I love so much, whereas Big Apple has that AND so much more, including a mysterious purple colored donut that I don't think I'll ever dare to try.

I was practically crying when I was already halfway in the line at J.Co's yesterday and I found out there were no chocolate donuts. I bought two glazzys, two green teas, one chococrown and one tiramissyou instead. The green tea donut tasted horrible, the chococrown one was so starchy it felt as if I was eating a large glutinous rice ball and the glazzys were thankfully all right. (How can glazzy donuts possibly go wrong?)

Innnnnnn a nutshell, Big Apple pwnz all (except Krispy Kreme donuts, which I have yet to try).