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Sunday, March 02, 2008 @ 8:26 PM
I want..

I seem to want something new every month. I thank Theodore, my alter-ego for this. He's such a spendthrift. *rolls eyes*

Who is Theodore, you ask?

Well, Theodore. He's a twenty-something gay Christmas elf, one of Santa's helpers, with a weird liking for the color green and Maybelline eyeliner (and Ben Romans, but you don't need to know this).

Don't get who i'm talking about?

Watch this.

Anyway, speaking about my wants - i'm currently lusting after :

1) A pair of white classic Chuck Taylors

I can't fit into my new ones anymore. BOTH OF THEM. Ugh, I want to cry. They're both girls' size sixes and they're very very tight - they give me blisters every time I put them on. And they're only like, five months old. I might sell them off/give them away - one of them is made of black leather, and the other is black canvas with purple lining. Both are Chuck Taylors and are in good condition; there are some mudstains on the white portion of the leather one, but that can easily come off with a bit of water and a washcloth. Anyone interested? Leave a message on my tagboard OR if you personally know me, give me a call.

Anyway, I want these in white - it's going to be a helluva pain in the ass to clean em - because they can easily match anything that I wear, AND they look classy at the same time.

I just might pick 'em up tomorrow. I can't wear flip-flops to college forever, can I?

2) A pair of Lacoste Mattie flats

They look exactly like sneakers but they're flats. Perfect for shorts/those times when i'm lazy to lace up - not that I don't love my Chuck Taylors ;)

3) Skinny jeans

I'm still looking for a pair that offers that grungy I-just-went-to-a-rock-show look and yet can fit my butt and my thunder thighs. The two that I currently own have been washed and worn to death. I'm surprised there aren't any holes in them yet.

4) Switchfoot hoodie

Sadly they don't deliver to Malaysia, (although there's always the possibility of sending it over to Hoi/the cahzens in Australia...) and they have only size S left.

... Damn those Americans.


Not that I have anything against them, but still.



Aren't they all so pretty?


Aren't they?

I wish I had a money tree. I wish I did. :(

Anyway, sulking aside, tomorrow's the first day of classes - I can't wait to see what they're like and what group I am in. I hope i'm with fun people.

Til' tomorrow then. ;)


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