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Wednesday, March 05, 2008 @ 12:10 AM
A discovery!.

Oh my God. Hit me. I just found out what my CRR class is all about (because Miss. Natasha, our super cool new lecturer told us to) - and i'm now SO stoked for classes to officially start.
The principles and processes of composing and editing spoken and written communication for personal, professional and academic purposes including citation rules. Applying criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of spoken and written communication. Writing appropriately for the purpose and audience.
Yay, a writing class! And I thought we wouldn't have any this semester!

Miss. Natasha, is, as Surekha put it, "the real deal". Man, when she walked in, you should have seen the look on our faces. She was wearing this pageboy cap like the one I saw Ryan Ross wearing in a picture a few months ago, these thick red glasses that reminded me strongly of Pn. Sanizah from high school, and these leather-like boots. "Oh, I got them from Target in the US," she said, when questioned. And she also had this nice black studded bag from God-knows-where - it was gorgeous.

Anyway, looks and fashion sense aside, Ms. Natasha is a woman of many talents - she writes, she designs, she lectures... she goes to concerts, she listens to anything under the sun, plus she has the personality to match.

I can't wait for the next lesson.

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