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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 @ 12:51 AM

i'm so fucking loaded with work it's so not even funny.

css - fucking journals every fucking week, mr. anubhav scares us all out of our skins when he magically appears behind our chairs in the lab - "i vant to see yur veek too jurnels!"

crr - miss. nat's super awesome. seriously. she understands what we're going through, she gets what we all are feeling and shit, she's awesome. oh wait, i said that already.

pr - assignment due next week, or next next week. don't really remember. miss t's awesome as always - watched thank you for smoking for the second time. katie holmes pisses me off, end of story.

principles of journalism - shitload of assignments. kill me pls.

+ orientation nite flyer designs which i don't really mind doing because designing is what i love

+ fanfics

this post was clearly written after a bottle of pelican vodka ice.