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Wednesday, March 19, 2008 @ 1:19 AM
i'm so sorry.

so, i was cleaning my mailbox today and i found this unopened email from Mugen waaaaaaay back on my birthday.
hey winnie how its going today? ..you know when i met you i thought u were like all ppl i met in RO haha but you know i never noticed when we became so close haha u know i really appreciate ur friendship i really want to met you in person that would pwn XD cuz u are a very special girl not like girls here i know u are more MORE lol open and funny and creative u have like a special power i dont even know u in person but i really appreciate you if something bad happends to you i wont think twice to help you you know u count with me ..haha i cant understand how can i pass better moments talking with you than with ppl that i know well actually i do haha cuz u are super druper (that super druper was stolen from u) XD intelligent and u really know when i say you look pretty in pic and that about u sexy its true XD lol true you are 1 of the most perfect girls i know haah well i cant tell u that you are perfect cuz no1 is but u are so close to be :) belive me ahhhh winnie :( i wana malasya :( but i dun think i can till 2008 maybe cuz i didnt pass maths and dad is mad at me :( shitttttt haha well someday someday :) (i hope) LOL well hmmm i gtg now but all i ve said here its true you are pretty,sexy,intelligent,creative,good friend,and all good things in the world... knew you is 1 of the best things that has happened to me =) ok ok hah now i gtg have a beautiful day and be sexy hot cute carrot :) dun let ppl annoy you :) and AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY =)

was i blind or something?

i'm sorry Mugen. really. these days i've been really busy and stuff and i always end up accidentally leaving you mid-conversation till you go offline. i'm sorry - i don't intend to do that - it's just that i'm so caught up in what i'm doing that i always forget that i'm doing something else. (ask Huai - i always end up accidentally leaving her mid-conversation, too.)

i really treasure this e-mail.

you're one of the best friends i've ever met - most of the people in RO i've met before Ardent were just guys who were nice to talk to in-game. you're so much more. you're a true friend, Mugen. always remember that. you're the first friend to send me such an e-mail like this that made me smile. :)

you'll always be our caring, kind, super-duper carrot who'll always be there for us.

thank you so, so, so, much. :)


i spent most of my night designing this. i just finished it ten minutes ago.

i love the colors and stuff, and the theme!

i hope the girls on the poster don't realize that i actually chose their picture randomly on Google and used it...


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