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Friday, May 02, 2008 @ 1:52 PM
i r pissed..

ever had an obnoxious neighbor? a neighbor whom you couldn't deal with or agree on certain things no matter what you try to do to solve them? a neighbor who would make the MOST noise, even in the wee hours of the night? a neighbor who would bring his tick-infested dog over to try and make "FRIENDS" with your dog?


(no, Chin Hong, it's not you, don't worry. it's the OTHER neighbor.)

we have been putting up with him for about seventeen bloody years now, and we wouldn't have cared less about him if he wasn't the guy who supplied cooking gas to our house and all the surrounding houses in my neighborhood.

i SWEAR his house is the smelliest ever. imagine a house with a rough black cement floor, stained with oil, and a stack of gas tongs in the corner. oh, and add in a tick-infested smelly dog who NEVER. EVER. gets a bath. he barks incessantly, even at night.

not only that, when he had different dogs before this, he would always bring his dog over on a leash and stop at OUR front gate to try to make MY dog and HIS dog have sex over the small spaces in the gate. that fucker. he'd peer into my front door to see if anyone was watching him or not, and if we weren't there, he'd happily allow his dog to do whatever with my dog, encouraging his mongrel with a simple "go lah!". it's lucky that Candy and my previous dogs actually have good taste. i was watching him from my bedroom window. the little fucker apparently forgot about windows.

it's okay. i can deal with those problems. but what i canNOT deal with is what he did recently.

see, he has three sons, and their aunt live with them or something. as a result, they have about 4 motorcycles, and a lot of cars. let's put it this way. his house is a terrace house, just like mine. ideally, one house should have about three parking lots - one inside our compound, one just outside our compound, and the other across the road from our house.

and all his cars literally take up the whole damn street.

well, we have this van now, and RIGHTFULLY, we should park it in front of OUR house, since well, we only take up ONE parking space, that is in our compound.

so we DID park it across the road from our house. and THEN the fucker came ringing on our doorbell to shift the van, since "eh i long time park here already. its my parking space".

THAT IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS. WE pay road tax too, you know, and WE deserve the right to park our cars on the street. YOU however, oh you keep acting like you own the whole road.

-picture removed due to kepochi brother-

(blue is our van ,red is his cars)

now the fucker has placed this stupid roadblock thing he stole from God-knows-where, just to prevent us from parking there. WHAT THE FUCK WEH. I HAVE THE RIGHT MIND TO MARCH OVER TO HIS HOUSE AND SCREAM IN HIS FACE. WTF HE EVEN TAKES UP THE SPACE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE.