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Thursday, May 01, 2008 @ 10:23 PM
so beat it.

random shit piled together:

+ my favorite song this week: Beat It - Fall Out Boy ft. John Mayer. fucking awesome song. it makes me just want to headbang along and play air guitar. and hell, never in a million years have i guessed that John Mayer would do a collaboration with the p33n and his bandmembers. nope. never.

+ second favorite song: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow - Paula Abdul. hahaha. never knew she could sing at all but the song's pretty good. very dancey.

+ you made us worry for 10 whole hours. did you even care that i was waiting here all this while for you to actually call? or did you forget about me?

+ you're such a slut. i barely know you, sure, and you think you're all that with your friends who are just. like. you. well, whatever. i refuse to get to know you, and i probably never will. good for me.

+ i was craving ice cream the whole day today. not just any ice cream. McDonalds vanilla ice cream in a cup. still craving it :(

+ i don't need your stupid sympathy.

+ i can't believe you're twenty one and you like someone that's seventeen years old. hello, have you ever heard of the word pedophile? and jeez, for seventeen, the kid looks FOURTEEN.

+ COOKIE COOKIE COOKIE STARTS WITH C! :D (hahah inside joke i share with Monee :D)

+ hahah omg i was just looking through my Nuffnang account on Nuffnang.com.my just to see how much i earned from that little advertisement corner on my sidebar and i come across this instead: keyword searches that misled this poor, poor, people to my humble little blog.

\"alex evans\" \"in a magazine\" 4
30 seconds to stars 1
30 seconds to mars blogspot 1
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chocolatememoirs 1
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communicate with 30 sec to mars lovers 1
maple story how to smug if using streamyx 1
mars in scorpio bastard 1

tsk tsk.

+ i'm going to REDANG! WHEEEE! see you guys on Monday... or Tuesday.

listening to: Circles - Switchfoot
feeling: jumbled