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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 @ 9:35 PM
Nostalgia 101 :).

edit: oh yeah. i already settled assignment topic matters with my lecturer, who was surprisingly lenient and agreed to a topic change. YAY! thanks for offering to help, though, you guys are the greatest. :D

today was one of those days where i just wished every day would be days like this :D. i wonder if that made any sense, but um, yeah :D

nowadays all i look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays is American Idol, and today's episode RULED, except for the fact that i wanted to smack Randy and Simon and Paula was sort of on crack. i won't go into detail, for fear of getting my ass kicked by Archuleta fans, but i stand firm with my opinion that Syesha Mercado deserves to stay, and Archuleta deserves to go because he's so booooooooriiiiiiing on stage.

after lunch, Jason, Fleur and i headed over to the Media Hub, but there were no computers free, so surprise, surprise, we camwhored with the aid of Julia, who took most of our pictures for us. thanks Jules.

and Zheng Joo, you should've been in these pictures. *sigh*

i was stoned. on brownies and buttermilk chicken rice :D

what/who is it? you decide.

HAHAHAHAHAHA i fell about laughing when i was viewing these pictures once they were uploaded. :P

i ruin pictures :D omg i love Fleur's red sunnies.


HAHA look at Jason :P

*pulls fish face*

after that Fleur had to go for netball practice and Jason had work. i stayed around chatting with Wan and Daniel before both of them had to rush off to class. mom came to pick me up at two-ish.

and in the car with nothing to do, what do you do when you have a camera with you? :D

i personally like this pic of me :D it makes me look emo.