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Monday, April 28, 2008 @ 6:30 PM
The Pink Thing.

whew. after months and months of preparations, meetings, publicity and running around meeting and searching for sponsors, The Pink Thing was finally held last Friday.

the night itself was quite a success, although everything kicked off a bit late, due to Malaysian mentality. when will people ever learn to come on time?

im lazy to talk about it in detail, so let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

#1 crew tags i did for hardworking student council members who helped out during the event! however, i did go a little overboard and i gave a few tags away to non-student council members like Miss.T and Mr. Suresh. the latter, however, is excusable, because he didn't have anything pink on him at all, except this flimsy little girly watch he had on his left wrist -_- to which i went "YOU CALL THAT PINK?"

#2 fries, nuggets, sausages and drinks that we sold for fundraising. it went pretty well, except the drinks didn't really sell that well.

#3 Stephanie, Dionne, and other student council members stringing together balloons to be hung up. balloons kept bursting periodically, so they kept having to blow extra balloons up to replace those that popped.

an hour before this picture was taken, me and Florence were running around Carrefour and Subang Parade searching for balloons and raffia string. it was CRAZY. at one point, our feet were so tired that Florence resorted to taking off her heels and walking barefoot around Subang Parade. respect.

we finally found them balloons in Toys 'R' Us (the only place which had balloons -_- so bloody hopeless) for a ridiculous amount of money.

#4 the Ed Hardy booth set up by the people from Culture Couture. um, i don't think they made much profit. i did like their Myspace Celebrity t-shirt but unfortunately it was pretty expensive.

#5 the banner! i painstakingly cut out the words one by one and stuck them onto the banner with double-sided tape. faster say it's pretty if not i'll be sad :(

i tell you, Mr. Murali and Mr. Suresh HAVE to clean their stupid office.

after i was done sticking the words and the sponsors' logos on the banner, i began gathering up the discarded double-sided tape paper, which was in piles all over the place. so i was grabbing at them in fists, AND THEN after i grabbed at this particular pile and lifted the tape up, THERE WAS A DEAD COCKROACH UNDERNEATH IT.

wtf right. i screamed, because omg lah the legs were sticking up and the body was sort of flattened and I TOUCHED IT OMG WTF *screams just thinking of it*.


and the man just sat there in his stupid chair and laughed at me -_-

ergh. i'm getting the creepy crawlies again.

#6 meet Danny Dickson the Devil. he was created out of a heart-shaped balloon which Jason blew, and i drew on the face, belly button and tail with permanent marker :D

Jason christened him. i personally think Dickson is a pretty... flamboyant name.

#7 this is Syaf. doesn't he look like Danny?

#8 Danny and I. yes lah i was trying to act cute. fail.

#9 Rae with Danny, taken while i was sitting down in a chair. you can see a bit of Debs too :)

#10 the pile of heart-shaped balloons painstakingly blown up by G and Atikah and some of the others. they weren't easy to blow. Alice took like five minutes just attempting to blow one up.

#11 Danny sitting on the pile of heart-shaped balloons. this photo was taken amid many squeals of "aaa so cute!" because Rae and I couldn't resist. :P it really was cute.

#12 the devil's maker and Rae.

#13 another close-up shot of Danny.

#14 Syaf, Fleur, Jason and I :D

#15 me and Fleur. hahah we're nuts over Danny.

#16 devil in Jason's pocket! so cute can die.

#17 jason put a piece of broken pink balloon on Danny's head and TADA! you get Daniella Dickson :D

#18 me being a camwhore. :P i like this picture somehow, although my expression is .. um. weird.

#19 chiffon cloth tied on the pillar with red heart balloons attached! gorgeous, don't you think :)

#20 the balloons finally strung up :D

#21 flower petals! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. if only we had glitter like we had the last time.

#22 me and Florence, after we'd changed into our party clothes :D i love this shot too, Flo!

#23 ZJ!!! she came over and helped us through the night. i gave her a crew sticker, which was absolutely necessary :D

#24 student council members. ZJ, Jason, Stephanie, Florence and i.

#25 i love this picture! damn emo like :D

#26 Atiqah pinning an orchid on Mr. Suresh's shirt pocket. he later took the orchid and placed it above his ear -_- and then he took it off when the event started. ceh. tak sporting pun.

#27 tealight candles around the otherwise boring potted plant in the pond.

#28 Syaf, our candle-lighter. thanks Syaf :)

#29 role call! TCHT student council members on the left, TCPJ (psst, we're cooler) members on the right ;)

#30 Ken, Lish, Miss.T, Amir, Zheng Joo and I. :)

#31 Random Ramblings. after their first song, their bassist dropped his pants to reveal pink boxers and their lead singer tore off his shirt where he was wearing a bright pink girls' camisole underneath. i have no comments.

#32 MunSuet and i. :)

the only thing i regret about that night is that i went home early and missed the dance floor and photo ops with the bands! :( sad lah.

what do you do when you have a curfew. *sigh*