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Monday, April 07, 2008 @ 1:22 PM

NOTE: HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY CHOCOLATE MEMOIRS! It's been two years. Man, has it been that long?

We - or rather I - found a new feline friend in college today.
Remember Waffles the cat?

I haven't seen her around these days. She's probably prowling around somewhere in the building, like I know she does, or maybe in the bushes surrounding LCS.

Anyway, this morning, I was walking towards the Media Hub, when I spotted a small bundle of orange fluff sitting a few metres away from me, right in front of 7 Eleven. I thought it was Waffles, so I went "Hi, Waffles!" and proceeded to bend down to give the cat's head a pat, when it turned up to stare at me intently with its huge green eyes.

It wasn't Waffles.

This kitty was built shorter and stockier, and its cheeks were somewhat rounder. I could tell that he was a male cat, and he was still a half-kitten. He looked odd in a way, but that only made him all the more adorable and unique - those green eyes just won me over.

So I stood there and stared at him, and the little guy stared right back at me. If you were to be walking in our direction this morning, you would have thought that we - I - was nuts. However, it was he who ended the staring match, letting out a confused meow and making me throw back my head and laugh out loud. He was so adorable, I wanted to bundle him up in my tan Topshop bag and take him home. (If Candy doesn't rip him apart, that is.)

I pet him on the head, and then I went on my way, smiling because I just made a new friend.

Geoffrey later gave him a name when I relayed the story - Pancakes - which totally suited him.

If I ever come across him again, I shall take a picture of him for you all to see. :)