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Thursday, April 10, 2008 @ 12:29 AM
idol top 8 show.

i LOVED today's Idol, although i absolutely wanted to smack Randy AND Simon, i mean, what the hell is wrong with you today, Randy? did you switch bodies with Simon or something before the show? man, you were way too mean today.

so here are my thoughts on each and every contestant's performances (biased or not :P) :

Michael Johns - it was quote Randy, BLAZING HOT. he couldn't have sung 'Simple Minds' any better. and i LOVE the whole look. the accent, again, drives me wild.

Syesha Mercado - despite what the judges say about how she doesn't 'live up to Fantasia's performance' of it, she did AMAZING. she has an amazing voice - i don't know why people keep doubting her. i think she did better than Archuleta. hands down. HANDS DOWN.

Jason Castro - this beautiful dreadlocked boy can sing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' complete with ukulele to me any time and i'd still be swooning at his feet.

David Cook - i love him. i love him i love him i love him. he sang 'Innocent' so perfectly, and yes, i thought the white military jacket was hideous, but BLAME THE STYLISTS, don't blame David. screw what the judges think. he did awesome. and that last 'GIVE BACK' shot on his hand? that made me love him even MORE.

and NO, for your information, David Cook haters, he is NOT fake. have you seen a man WEEP on screen after watching a video of two orphaned siblings who got separated from each other and then found each other again? come ON.

Kristy Lee Cook - she stole David Hernandez's spot in the competition, she stole Ramiele Malubay's spot in the competition, she fucking stole Amanda's spot in the competition... Goddamnit i don't see what the judges see in her? it's like she's singing the same damn song every week.

David Archuleta - if a girl goes "AUWWWWWWW" like they do ONE MORE TIME after he performs, i am going to lose it. COME ON, he's SEVENTEEN, he looks like he's FOURTEEN and jeeeeez, Cook can beat him by a mile. you just need to lose the "aw he's just seventeen, give him a break" teenie fans and BAM, he's out of the competition.

Carly Smithson - i don't know, i thought her pitch was a little bit off this week. this woman has an amazing, amazing voice though. i love love love how she sang 'Come Together' during Beatles' Week.

Brooke White - one of my favorite girl competitors, though she's getting a taaaaaad bit annoying during judging.

tomorrow at 8.30 there's the Idol Gives Back special charity concert on TV and on Friday it's the results show! so excited - half a week full of Idol to look forward to! :)

i'm going to leave you with that.

good night :D