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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 @ 7:59 PM
inaudible melodies.

thanks for all the feedback about me wanting to post my fic. i'm afraid it isn't anything new to you boardies who've already read this on the boards, but for the others who haven't, here's chapter one! i hope you like it. or read it, at least. and tell me if you like it or not.

( Chapter One )

i'm pretty much very very very busy at this point.

our "holidays" are going to come to an end soon, and soon i'll have to wake up every morning at six again and drag myself out of bed for university. more running all over the place to complete our assignments, more dozing off in class, more lectures, more presentations, more everything. it's not going to feel any different because the holidays don't feel like holidays at all, what with assignments being thrown at us left and right. in fact, we just submitted one this Sunday.

yeah. that's right. Sunday bloody Sunday.

yesterday night i was really bored, holed up in my room, so i went crazy with my camera and snapped stuff that i thought looked nice.

my skinny rocker ties i bought at that little sale in college! they were selling them RM10 for two, so i picked out the black one and the striped one with a little help from Florence.

it's going to be pretty hard to wear them, though, because if not worn right, you're thiiiiis close to looking "lala", and i would DIE before even thinking of looking like one.

if you get my drift.

MY CDs! ok, so i co-own one with Wilson.

but the rest are mine. all mine. my Colbie Caillat one is in the car, and my Panic box set is safely tucked in my cupboard, so it's not technically all my CDs. you can basically tell that these bands are all my favorites :P

my happy pile of magazines at the bottom shelf. been collecting and reading em since two years ago, i believe. i'm going to tear em up soon and scan 'em in my computer to make stocks. :)

and lastly, thats me in the Forever-21 top that i wanted to buy :(